New Year Resolutions do they work?

Is it me or do we seem to get a lot of posts on Facebook which have to do with New Year’s resolutions this time of year?  Recently, I’ve seen advertising for courses and links to articles on how to set yourself up for success with your 2017 resolutions.  Call me a skeptic, but after of making resolutions only to wimp out by the end of January,  I searched for a different strategy.

This year I’m picking just one word which encapsulates my focus and intent.  For 2017 it is “balance”.  You may be asking “balance” in regards to what?

With a full-time job, care for aging parents, and writing.  I find I swing between an all-work-and-no play status to hunkering down and recharging my batteries when I reach the burnout stage.  This year I will strive for balance in all activities, such as:

  • Work and play.
  • Implementing a healthier lifestyle in regards to diet and exercise.
  • Dealing with dealing with the role of writer and one-woman business owner.  (Because indie authors must wear both hats)

This time next year I will report on how implementing an overall strategy worked focused on my theme.  It may unravel like previous years by the end of January. Or, maybe it will work out just fine.

Have you tried selecting a word of intent for the year before and how did it work for you?

Welcome Beach Reads Giveaway Hop readers

It’s August and in the central Arizona desert, we’re in the middle of monsoon season.  Now the dry desert heat switches to humid and miserable!  Most people do their best to take their vacations at this time and one of the favorite destinations is to head for the beach.  Sunblock?  Check.  Flip flops? Got em.  And a good “beach read” book, well that is an absolute necessity!

For example, in  Playing with Fire, Matt Anderson not only is charged with protecting Stella Adam’s construction site from theft and arson, but he’s been estranged from his family for over ten years. As his relationship grows with Stella, he begins to consider if he should take steps to reach out to them. Want to read more? Click here to read an excerpt.

Playing With Fire

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